Glimpses Volume: 6 | Issue: 13

January 6, 2021

KJC - Vichaarmanthan

Vichaarmanthan: Interaction with Shri. B Thiagarajan

Joseph Charles Tamilmaran D

Vichaarmanthan meaning churning of ideas is an interactive program organized by Kristu Jayanti College on December 17, 2020

KJC- Dept. of English (PG)

Guest Lecture on The Soul of India

Lyola Thomas

The Department of English [PG] conducted a guest lecture titled ‘The Soul of India’ on 18 December 2020

KJC - Dept. of Media Studies

Workshop on Data Analysis and Interpretation

Aby Augustine

The Department of Media Studies, Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore, organised a two-day workshop on Data Analysis

KJC - Music Academy

Once Upon A Tune

Ehboklang Pyngrope

The Literary and Cultural Association of Kristu Jayanti College celebrated the joy of Christmas with ‘Once Upon A Tune’ on 18 December, 2020.